Sometimes People Argue


 It's human nature.  We have different ideas and different desires, and sometimes that puts us at odds.  Fortunately, most issues are resolved amicably.  But sometimes you need to bring in the big guns. 


Disputes are an unfortunate but inevitable part of doing business, and a successful outcome depends on realistically assessing the dispute and the costs involved in pursuing possible courses of action. A ‘go for the jugular’ approach may be the right course in some circumstances, but more often preserving the relationship between the parties may be more important. Our first question before a dispute is always “how bad are you ok with it getting?” and then we make sure it doesn't get any worse.



It’s nobody’s first choice, but sometimes it’s necessary. We will do everything we can to avoid an expensive and lengthy court fight, but when push comes to shove, you’ll be happy to have us in your corner.