Your Spiritual Well-Being Matters

We Care About Your Assets and Your Soul

Most people don't think of estate planning as a spiritual issue.  Attorneys are trained to deal with your assets, your physical goods, and that's what estate planning ordinarily covers.

But that doesn't mean estate planning is devoid of religion.  This is especially true in the area of end-of-life care - the treatment of the terminally ill and those in a vegetative state.

We have sought the input and advice of clergy, and have crafted healthcare directives to comply with their guidance.  For a better overview, click here.  We are also more than happy to work with you on matters of faith, and would consider it an honor to meet with your pastor, priest, or other spiritual leader, to get it right.

In addition to end-of-life care, some belief systems provide guidance or instructions as to the disposition of assets upon death.  We do our best to be aware of such requirements, and are happy to incorporate such distributions into our documents.

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To learn more about how to integrate your faith into your estate plan, please schedule a free consultation with Forks Law, P.L.L.C.

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