Services For Startups

We have extensive experience helping companies get started. But the most important aspect is simply advising a new venture on what they can and should do themselves. This will vary significantly depending on the abilities, needs, and comfort level of the founders, and we’ll gladly have a discussion to ascertain what services you really need, and to point you in the right direction to help yourself.

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Business Plan


 A business plan may be handwritten on a napkin, or it may be a polished book with graphs and charts. We can help you determine kind of plan you need, based on your situation and purpose, and we can help you draft or revise the plan. We can prepare an investor presentation for you, or fix yours to make it more presentable.

Legal Structure


Protect your interests - make sure you have a legal structure that’s right for you. We can help you evaluate the risks, administrative burdens, and tax implications of different types of entities, to pick the right one for you circumstances. We can prepare the documents you need, and provide guidance for the ongoing administration you can do yourself.

Financing and Equity


Organizing, planning, and financing a business represents a wide range of choices, and many issues are best addressed early on. An outside investor doesn’t want the founder to be able to “take the money and run”, while the founder doesn’t want to lose control. We understand the problems emerging companies face and can represent you to ensure an equity structure that protects your current and future interests.