I Love My Dogs (and the cat too)

Our pets are family, not property. But as far as the law is concerned, that’s what they are, property. And if something were to happen to you, that’s how the law would treat them, like property. If you care about your fur-babies, you’ll want to know they’re taken care of, no matter what.

Who Will Take Care Of Fido?

Sometimes, it’s as simple as making sure they go to a trusted relative who will provide them with a loving home, so you’ll want to specify that in your will (perhaps with some extra money, to help out). But not every pet is so lucky – each year five to seven million companion animals enter shelters due to the death of their owners, and more than half of them are euthanized when adequate homes can’t be found.

Something Certain

If you want to make sure your loved one is taken care, you may need something more robust, like a pet trust. A pet trust is exactly what it sounds like - a trust created for the benefit of your pet. You can guarantee that your pet is taken care of, such as by specifying the brand of food your pets are fed, or which veterinarian will treat your beloved pet after you’re gone.

We would like to help you provide for your fur baby, by discussing your options and finding the best solution for you. Because they’re family, not property.